Just seven per cent of reported crimes led to anybody being charged last year, according to new figures. And violent crime saw less than seven per cent resulting in a charge or summons to court while sexual offences saw just 3.5 per cent in positive outcomes for victims. According to the latest data published recently there were 4,336,643 recorded offences up to March 2021 in England and Wales, compared to 5,003,557 the previous year. Of those just 315,158 led to either a charge or a summons to court. More than 1.5million of these, the largest proportion, resulted in no suspect ever being identified for the crime. Crime involving "violence against the person" saw just 6.8 per cent of cases being charged or leading to a summons to court.

RIFU, Japan — A tropical storm dumped rain in parts of northern Japan on Wednesday after moving away from the Tokyo region and relieving the Olympic host city of a feared disruption to the games.

In Sendai, some trains were delayed and pedestrians braced themselves against the wind on the city streets.

Tropical Storm Nepartak has caused no damage, but the Japan Meteorological Agency urged residents to take caution against mudslides. Up to 10 centimeters (4 inches) of rain was forecast across the northern region.

Office worker Mitsuyoshi Saito in Sendai said the storm wasn’t that strong. “In some areas, it seems to have heavily rained, but I’m glad there was no damage.”

The season’s eighth typhoon for Japan blew ashore far northeast of Tokyo and had winds of 65 kilometers per hour (40 mph) at midmorning. It was weakening as it moved north and is forecast to move off the western coast of Akita by Wednesday night.

Nepartak was the first landfall in Miyaga prefecture s

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